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Reducing customer support is the goal… not simply finding a better way to keep doing the same level of customer support.

This is really the problem with too many website ticket support systems. They improve the way support tickets are handled over the old standby of using email, but, they do not fundamentally alter the process to remove the need for the customer support response in the first place.

The Premium Web Cart Instant Answer Ticket System is unique in 2 ways and these 2 fundamental differences are what makes our ticket system the best option on the market for the small to medium sized online business:

Difference #1: Unlimited Websites – We have the only system that lets you run an unlimited number of websites, with unique Instant Answer databases for each website, and manage all of them from 1 login by simply clicking different “tabs” to get to the different businesses.

Difference #2: Reduce Support Load – The basic structure of the system was designed in order to reduce the number of support tickets submit in the first place instead of simply making it easier for you to answer the tickets.

To run a successful business, you need to have your support burden grow at a slower rate than your business growth otherwise you’ll drown in support costs and unhappy customers. The Premium Web Cart online support system is designed to reduce your support load “out of the gate” and then evolve over time to continuously reduce the support load even more.

Watch this video now to see easy it is to get started.

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