Digital Download System – Cut Your Support by 41%

Digital Download System Cuts Support Up To 41%?

What …How?!?

To understand how we cut your support load when selling digital downloads, first
we need to take a quick look at the problems the “other guys” create with their
digital download process.

The typical online shopping cart digital download process works like this:

  • Step 1 – Customer buys from the webpage and pays through the shopping cart.

  • Step 2 – The customer is sent to a thank you page where it tells them how to ”white list” the email address that the digital download is coming from (good luck with that).

  • Step 3 – Half the customers receive the email and download the digital file, 10% find the email in their spam folder, the rest of the folks are sending in tickets and / or calling to ask why they have not received what they’ve already paid for.

And the folks that buy on Friday evening and cannot find their download email are so livid that by Monday they’re not asking for the product, they’re demanding a full refund.

What a disaster!

This is exactly what we faced 9 years ago when we were selling our own
digital download product through one of our competitor’s online shopping cart. An ever increasing customer support load and ridiculous refund requests …imagine giving money back to people that really wanted your products, purchased them, never even saw them yet still wanted a refund. That’s a pretty stupid way to work harder and still lose customers.

Especially when there’s such an obvious and simple fix to avoid the entire mess altogether.

And some might say that this was truly the birth of Premium Web Cart because this was the first time we hired a programming team to create a custom software solution to our online marketing problem. And while our software has improved dramatically over the years, we never forgot the painful lesson this taught us so we always carry the same logic forward that fixed our original problem once and for all.

Here’s how we do digital downloads and how you’ll reduce your support load and avoid refunds.

  • Step 1 – Customer buys from your webpage and pays through Premium Web Cart.

  • Step 2 – Immediately after the successful sales transaction (money is now in your pocket), your customer is taken to a digital download page where they can immediately download their new product (happy customer).

  • Step 3 – Premium Web Cart follows up with an email with a digital download
    link as a back up in case the customer closed the screen without downloading the file. (Why some people do this is a mystery to all but it happens… so we cover it both ways).

24 hours later, all the links expire and the customer has no more access to the downloadable files.

Happy customers, dramatically less support, fewer refunds… all from 1 simple change and NOT counting on email to deliver your products.

Just 1 more premium web solution from Premium Web Cart!

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