“Payment Received” My 2 Favorite Words

marty 100w Payment Received My 2 Favorite WordsFeatured Guest Post by Marty Dickinson

Not too many events are as exciting to a business owner than to login to email and see a slew of notifications like “Payment Received” when orders have been made by customers.

For me, “Payment Received” are my 2 favorite words in business.

The question all of us should be asking is, “How can we get more emails like that?!”

The answer can be summed up in two words: CREATE URGENCY.

Take a look at this screenshot I made today to show you my flow of orders for the past week. Notice how sales trickled in for the first part of the week and then several orders in one day.

payreceived2 Payment Received My 2 Favorite Words

The difference? On Friday morning, I sent a promotion to my clients and some opt-ins. I attempted to convince them to buy today (Friday) because on Monday, the item will disappear, no longer available for purchase.

Where the real money happens online is by creating URGENCY.

Did you hear of the woman in California who sprayed pepper spray into the eyes of other shoppers as they all raced to the table to get the recently released X-Box game? My 13yo was telling me stores were selling out of this game in under 10 minutes all over the country! on Black Friday Why? Well, I’m sure the game is wonderful, but the truth of it is that everyone knew the game would sell out in under 10 minutes and supply would be short.

They feared if they didn’t get their copy now at the price it was being offered for, they never would.

Whether you have a 15,000 product store or just finished your first ebook, you need to create urgency to sell your products to their fullest potential.

So, exactly how do you create urgency? I use these 5 steps:

1. Find Something Super Sexy to Create or an Existing Product to Exploit – Out of your 15,000 product store, which products are the real “sexy” ones? Or, if you sell info products, what is that one product that’s on everyone’s minds?

Of course, I don’t mean sexy in its literal term, unless maybe your store is full of lingerie items for sale. Sexy, as it applies to products, is defined by what people are paying attention to right now.

Why has Herman Cain’s 13-year affair and sexual harrassment allegations been the dominating subject of every news station for the past month?

Because it’s sexy. No matter how much you and I can’t stand to hear anymore, we don’t change the channel do we? Why? Because we’re roped in. It’s a sexy topic.

For me, my best selling products have always been information. Website traffic generation information products to be specific. My best selling emanaul has always been Getting Brutal with Google, which I release for sale only 3 or 4 times per year.

Books, membership sites, silver-bullet schemes and workshops on this topic have been inundating the Internet for years. How could any product I come up with related to Google possibly compete? The answer is that I always have to find something even more sexy than the topic itself.

Instead of just coming up with “how to get your website on top of Google” which would bring a ho-hum response and a big yawn by my audience, last week I came up with something new that no one has done before. I called it “5 Seconds to #1 – Speed SEO Basics for WordPress Mini-Manual.”

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to get a new page on their website to show up in the #1 search position on Google…in 5 seconds?!

Of course, part of the allure of this document would require that I could actually get a new post on my website on top of a Google search result within 5 seconds. But it happened–twice! Actually, I had been working toward this for the past two months. So, the research was over and, with the recent change Google made to their algorithm a few weeks ago, it was perfect timing for the next step.

2. Test Sell – About two weeks ago, I promoted the product to a small portion of my client list just to make sure it would be a potential seller.

In my email promotion, I made it clear that the product was not written yet. And, actually, the title was “8 Minutes to #1″ so I actually improved the process of the product in two weeks to be about getting onto #1 in 5 seconds! I made something sexy even sexier!

3. Make it Fast – I couldn’t wait to go through some heavy product creation process over the next few months. There was no time to even pay an editor! All of the publishing pros are cringing in disgust right now icon smile Payment Received My 2 Favorite Words

More important than perfection in writing was the timliness of the product. I discovered something that would be sexy to my followers now and I made a product about it in one sitting in a single Saturday after Thanksgiving. That means it would be current and hot; the perfect recipe for success. When you find something sexy to sell, you have to be able to make it and feature it very quickly; not always within the same day, mind
you, but don’t wait too long to have the perfect product either.

4. Commit to a Closing – I made a blog post on Friday to kick off my big sale day telling the story about how I came across the process of getting a post on Google in 5 seconds and revealed that I worked on creating the document all day Saturday after Thanksgiving. Very personal. Very calculated. Although, a very laid back approach actually in the way I wrote the content for the product.

By the time you read this, my top Google search position promotion will probably already be closed, but you’re welcome to see the blog post on my main HereNextYear website.

The email that I sent to my carefully segmented list gave readers until Monday to buy at a very reduced rate of just $7 and then the Order Now button would be removed from the page. I also mentioned the next time they would see the “5 Seconds to #1″ product would be when it’s added to my next release of Getting Brutal with Google, traditionally a $79 item.

The point is that you MUST pick a day that the offer will expire. And it has to end on the day you say it will expire.

5. Segment and Send – One of the great features of Premium Web Cart is the ability to segment your email lists through a variety of ways, As a result, you can coordinate multiple email campaigns at the same time and automate pretty much everything.

Say, for example, that you want to sell a 6-week training program for $350. Well, you might promote that course to your opt-in email list but after a person buys you wouldn’t want to send them subsequent promotions to buy that same training course, would you? Of course not.

You would want that new customer’s email address to be automatically moved to a different list where they would be spared from the additional promotions.

Likewise, you might want to promote an upsell to someone who has just made a purchase. That promotion wouldn’t be fitting for the opt-in group.

My point is that creating urgency is partly an administration process. You need to have a plan mapped out for which people will receive what
promotions and in what sequence.

People are always asking me about how they can increase their sales. My response is always to create urgency. What techniques have you used to create urgency in your own online selling process? Let’s help each other sell more this holiday season by getting some discussion going.

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3 Responses to “Payment Received” My 2 Favorite Words

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head Marty,

    Creating urgency is critical to any sale, Online or off. ‘Back in the day’ I would even use urgency to secure framing contracts with my builders telling them we were So busy my bid was only good for a limited time…

    Thank you for this ‘reminder’. Creating urgency certainly reinforces value!


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Mitchell and that’s so true about creating urgency in off-line selling as well. When it comes to selling services, the obvious urgency will be getting your order in before staffing is scheduled to the hilt. Particularly true in a month like December.
      -Marty Dickinson

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