CRM and Systems Integration – Done For You

You’ve likely heard the old saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts“. And nothing could be more true than this old saying when it comes to your online shopping cart and business system.

Because it is true that there are many shopping carts, and there are many CRM systems, and there are many support ticket systems… and yes, there are many project manager alternatives to choose from ( I won’t even go into the numerous membership systems, live chat options or website builders).

But when it comes to putting all these modules together and creating 1 “complete small business system”, there is truly only 1 shopping cart that puts it all together and leverages the strengths of each to make a product much more powerful than the sum of its parts (1 hint as to who offers this package).

It starts with something as simple as 1 login.

It’s a small thing to be sure, until you have to log into your cart, then log into your ticket system, then log into your CRM, then log into your project manager, then log into your membership system… hmmmm, and maybe your live chat as well.

Whew, glad that’s over… until your screens time out and you get to do it all over again, and again, and again – all day long, every day of the year.

Can you smell the senseless burning of your valuable time?

Now let’s take this a a small step forward and realize that all these systems have their own menus, their own support desks, and their own updates that you need to learn over and over.

And you still can’t get your individual modules to “talk” to each other.

It’s like a business meeting where everyone is in a separate room and you need to run from room, to room, to room, and relay the information to try and reach a consensus.  It makes no sense to run a meeting this way and it makes no sense to run your business this way either!

Contrast this with Premium Web Cart where everything is included, everything works the same way, everything “plays nicely” together and you get all the help you need from your dedicated eBusiness Advisor.

Let me show you 1 simple example of how even the most basic communication makes a huge difference in the real world operation of your business.

Support may not be the “glamour job” in the office but it will make or break your business. Do it well and build raving fans …but do it poorly and you’ll create raging enemies flaming your business in every forum that’ll have em’.

Because the Premium Web Cart ticket system “speaks” to your CRM, you can quickly and easily plow through your support tasks while ensuring a continuity of information tailored specifically for each customer.

Pulling up a complete customer record from the CRM is literally done with the click of a button and everything you need is now right in front of you:

  1. Past purchases
  2. Previous phone call records
  3. Other tickets
  4. Emails sent
  5. Documents mailed
  6. Related projects
  7. Grouped relationships
  8. Sales Funnels
  9. Tags
  10. Previous objections
  11. … and the so much more

With this information at your finger tips, instead of the bitter smell of burning time, you’re tasting the sweet success of business efficiency.

Ticket System CRM Integration CRM and Systems Integration   Done For You
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4 Responses to CRM and Systems Integration – Done For You

  1. Neil Asher says:

    I love premium webcart!

    You guys do an awesome job, keep up the great work


  2. Your CRM software is very flexible and doing great job.Thanks.

  3. Jim Spruce says:

    Having everything integrated together is like having all the parts of my truck come from Ford. Sure I could change the rims and add a gps on my own but I really don’t want to, I want it all to come on my truck when I pick it up from the dealer.

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