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Does a tree falling in the woods make a sound when nobody’s there to hear it fall? It’s the age-old question that really can’t be answered, argued about for sure, but never really answered.

This is similar to the new features added to Premium Web Cart’s online shopping cart system that we add to the system but keep them a “secret”.

No, not a purposeful secret, but when we “sneak” the new features in and don’t tell our merchants about them, the net result is the same. And for many years, this is exactly what we’ve been doing.

Adding features and not telling anyone.

To the outside world, this seems like a pretty silly thing to do but internally we just never realized that our customers didn’t expect us to add new features to our online marketing system on a continuous basis.

It’s only through repeated conversations with our customers, and hearing from them that they never even realized that we were adding all these new features, that we finally realized that we just were not communicating diligently enough to keep everyone informed.

Nothing is more frustrating to me personally than to speak with a customer and have them ask for a “new feature” that we already added months ago without them knowing that we added the feature.

Obviously, this is bad for our customers that could have been benefiting from these new features sooner, and it’s bad for us also because our customers are not seeing the incredible value we’re offering to them.

It’s what I refer to as “double dumb”… working hard but not getting credit for the hard work. Better to not work at all than work “double dumb”.

So going forward, we’re going to make a concerted effort to announce the new features added by creating this new blog section and also adding the announcements inside the merchant admin area.

Balancing these announcements will admittedly be a little tough as we are constantly improving and adding to the system each and every week.

And as I benchmark the competitors, they seem to announce “new” features that we simply take for granted as being “baseline” items that should already be in a true marketing system.

We’re already “tweaking” features for the 3rd or 4th time while they’re adding them as “new features” and announcing them with great fanfare… so please help us achieve a balance in our announcements and comment on the blog posts so we know when we’re on the right track, with the proper level of solid information, versus overkill noise.

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